The NeurodiverCity Training Academy

A collection of photos showing progress being made at our new academy located in Liverpool’s Fabric District and based at the wonderful Fashion Hub. Thank you so much to the Steve Morgan Foundation and the ADHD Foundation and partners for their amazing support.

Above – The Fashion Hub (view from Gildart Street), entrance area and the NeurodiverCity Academy studio space in March 2021.

Above – The Fashion Hub (view from Constance Street).

Above – The NeurodiverCity Academy as it looks today.

Above – Studio 1 at the Fashion Hub as an empty shell (in Jan 2021).

Above – An early 3D visualisation of the academy space created by one of our project managers.

Above – first we built a new office space with the help of our partners Aztec Interiors (February 2021).

Above – then we built a new kitchen space.

Above – our project managers installed a new audio visual training facility and added a welcoming presentation for a visitors and students.

Above – an early trial layout of the space (February 2021).

Above – Whoopee! Some of our equipment has arrived (March 2021).

Above – more of our equipment fresh out of their boxes ready to start inspiring our students, employers and partners.

Above – more of our state-of-the-art equipment ready for our students.

Above – some of our early visitors keeping a watchful eye on progress.

Above – one of our quiet spaces and entrance area.

Above – sewing, heat pressing and ironing – and even a bit of chair wobbling (safely of course)!

Above – umbrellas, penguins and lots of creativity at the NeurodiverCity Academy.

Above – a temporary Umbrella Project installation at Liverpool’s Fashion Hub.

Above – loving our new sewing, over locker and button-hole machines.

Above – we are spoiled by our new overlocker and button-hole machines and more.

Above – our students are being spoiled as these are said to be one of the best professional sewing machines on the market.

Above – professional industrial iron and board to help smooth things out!

Above – professional industrial iron and board to smooth things out. Please be careful as it will be hot and steamy!

Above – another hot of the press item. One of our heat presses ready to finish off our student, guest artists and patrons t-shirt and hoodie designs.

Above – we offer different seating areas. From wobbly chairs, to couches, standing desks and a table setup for groups of learners.