The NeurodiverCity Training Academy

Please support the work of the NeurodiverCity Training Academy

Can you help with our fundraising efforts, or perhaps make donations that will directly help our young Care Leavers and our neurodiverse students?

Can you help? Please press the donate button or send us a message using this link.

Wish List 🙏

  • To gain funding and sponsorship deals so that we can continue to offer our much needed support to over 100 students each year.
  • Sponsor a 1.2 metre wide sublimation fabric printer.
  • Sponsor sensory items including weighted gilets, weighted animals for knees (that people put on their knees for comfort), smaller blankets, ear defenders (in and over ear), block of screens, etc.
  • Sponsor standing desks, wobble stools, fidget toys, etc.
  • Sponsor assistive learning technology including nesse, dragon, microphone headsets, etc.
  • Sponsor a camera / security  – Ring Door Bell.
  • Sponsor a ID Badge Maker. 
  • Sponsor a First Aid Kit.
  • Sponsor a leaflet stand.
  • Sponsor USB desk fans
  • Sponsor our safeguarding and fire marshall training needs.
  • Sponsor new fire extinguishers and signage.
  • Sponsor the purchase of a Hearing Loop.
  • Sponsor student’s breakfasts.
  • Sponsor student’s lunches.
  • Sponsor our sublimation inks.
  • Sponsor our stationary, arts & craft material and educational games / books.
  • Donate fabric / sewing supplies.
  • Donate scarves, hats, gloves, non-perishable foods, etc. for our annual Christmas appeal supporting young care leavers.