The NeurodiverCity Training Academy

Are you 14-16?

This innovative offer is designed to help build confidence, get prepared for the right type of future training and job, whilst playing to the student’s strengths. This also includes work-experience led by your school.

When appropriate, we will help you with a better understanding of your neurodiversity strengths. If you, for example, have these different learning styles including ADHD, Autism, Dyslexia, Dyspraxia, Dyscalculia and Tourette’s we will help tailor your training needs and prepare you for future job opportunities. Referrals for students will come from our partners.

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TCT 1-day programme for 14-16 years old

This one-day program is designed to increase your readiness and prepare you for the challenge or journey ahead. It helps you think about what skills you have and how you introduce yourself to others, whilst helping you to understand how teams work and how you play a key role in making sure the team and the project is a success. 

To be confirmed

09:30 - 15:15

Free of charge - already funded

PDP/ADHD Foundation

Cohort Size
15-18 people

The Umbrella Project, Fashion Hub, Constance Street, Liverpool, L3 8ET

Age Group
14-16 years old

Conference program:

Below is a template of what a 1-day course could look like. However, every group is different and we will tailor the program and adjust activities to suit the needs of the group.

9:30amArrive tea and coffee
10:00am  Introductions and getting to know each other (small team games)
11:30amOne team (bringing together the small teams into one big team)
1:15pmPractice the final task, see what still needs to be worked on.
2:45pmFinal Task as one team – a tough challenge to end the day.