The NeurodiverCity Training Academy

UK's first NeurodiverCity Training Academy
With clothes making at its core we offer training & support designed and delivered from Liverpool's Fashion Hub by 10 expert partner agencies to help young Neurodiverse & Care Leaver adults hoping to learn a valuable skill, enter the world of work, create a business, or go onto further training.
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Are you 14-16?
An exciting and innovative training and support programme designed to build your confidence and prepare for future training and jobs, whilst very much playing to your amazing strengths.  Includes an element of work-experience which will be led by your school in partnership with our mentors.
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Are you 16-25?
A garment making training, support and welcome / induction programme of fun, friendship, communication and interactive activities. Designed for young Care Leavers and also those with neurodiverse strengths we will focus on clothing, creativity, Maths, English and gaining job ready skills.
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Are you an Employer?
Training and support designed by us and our partner agencies to help employers and mentors understand the journey of a young care leaver and those with a neurodiversity strength. With our help, you will have the necessary knowledge and skills to help a colleague thrive and succeed in the workplace.
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What we do at a glance...

We Teach Skills

Series of hands-on training sessions for those interested in learning a skill, getting a job, making clothes, printing t-shirts / caps / mugs and or perhaps in starting a business. Plus, we offer unique coaching / mentoring for those who employ Care Leavers and current or future neurodiverse employees.

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We are developing and selling an exciting range of clothing and accessories, including t-shirts, hoodies, mugs, etc. Designed by our wonderful care leaver and neurodiverse students, and also our patrons and guest artists. Printed and finished by partners and by students at Liverpool's Fashion Hub.

Create a Clothing Business?

Dreaming about creating your own business? Together with the Women's Organisation and others we’ll teach you how to create your very own clothing, brand and more. Offering sewing machines, state of the art print machines, heat presses and training to help with setting up your very own online store.

Our Partners & Friends

The NeurodiverCity Training Academy is a unique collaboration of 8 delivery partners led by the ADHD Foundation & Cornerstones Foundation. However, we are keen to team up with businesses and organisations seeking to create key changes on how care leavers and neurodiverse young men & women learn new skills and get into employment.

Parent & Carers

Although, not a crisis centre or crisis resource we do support those aged 16 to 25 and are living within the Liverpool City Region – or are Liverpool children who the city may have placed outside of the borough prior to being 16 for safeguarding reasons. Our main referrers are Local Authority Virtual Schools or Care Leavers Team – or a project partner.

Young People

We support those aged 16 to 25 in the Liverpool area with ADHD, Autism, Dyslexia, Dyspraxia, Dyscalculia and Tourette’s. We also support Care Leavers. We will teach you how to make and sell clothes, how to get a job and we will work with partners to help you get the right support. You will be referred to us by the Local Authority or a partner.